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The Synapse Project started as a Media Studies idea in 1998. Since then band names have come and gone; from Nostromo, Cloned Again, CA/N kId, Creative Insanity to Synapse before finally The Synapse Project.

Software has changed; I started on Sound Forge and Microsoft Audio Recorder, moved to Acid Pro, Reason, Apple GarageBand and Ableton Live, I’ve gone through a few computers, still got a couple guitars, bass and experimented with a Theremin.

Collaborators have moved on; life happens and gets in the way. Brodrick and I still have to hook up, that idea doesn’t leave my head.

I’ve pushed out 10 albums, 1 EP and 2 compilations.


Once / Again - I / II [1999/2000]

Core Foyer - III [2000]

Amorphous - IV [2001]

Almost Human - V [2002]

Adaptable Individual - VIII [2005]

Mind Control - X [2006]

Ego Ruina - XI [2006]

Ego Invenio - XII [2017]

Genetics - XIII [2019]


Remapped - IX [2005]

Compilation Albums:

Manifestation [The Best Beats] - VI [2002/2013]

Regeneration [The Lost Beats] - VII [2005/2013]

So that’s it. This is The Synapse Project - Welcome to my mind.

The Synapse Project:

Tristan Cobb